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Ski Chalet 200 mtrs from practice slopes.

with separate apartment for holiday rentals

Near to Hermagor/Nassfeld  ski area, Carinthia

Price 229,000 Euros

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Currency for purchase


Renovated Cottage at Lunz am see




Cottage at Lunz am see is situated on the outskirts of Lunz am see, a popular lake for visitors and holidaymakers.


The property makes an ideal holiday home and also for income with good holiday rental potential. It is near to lake and ski-ing at Hockar and Otscher. The area is visited in both summer and winter.


Property Description: 2 bedroom Cottage at Lunz am see.  Views to the river and surrounding mountains.  Price:  119,500 euros.


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Austrian Mortgages have become difficult to obtain.

Since new banking rules were introduced in Europe, it has become more difficult to obtain an Austrian mortgage, as the criteria has changed.

Banking regulations now demand that banks only issue mortgages where the income to pay a mortgage is in Europe and in Euro currency.


This has of course made it difficult for UK buyers who have their income in Sterling! 


There are a few options here as one can get an Austrian bank mortgage for an existing business property, such as a rental apartment or house.  So any property with a proof of income can apply for an Austrian mortgage.  Banks will also look at a property that a buyer can show a valid business plan for Euro income.


Austria’s Ombud for Equal Treatment has ruled that Ladies’ Nights - where nightclubs and bars offer women free admission and cheap drinks on certain evenings - discriminate against men.

The Gleichbehandlungskommission said it was constantly having to deal with complaints that prices and promotions were dependent on gender - with men saying they were never the ones to benefit from such offers financially.


The Ombud has now issued a report condemning Ladies’ Nights promotions and saying that they violate the Equal Treatment Act - which paves the way for men to sue a nightclub for damages if they believe they have been discriminated against.


"All goods and services offered in the context of commercial activities should be priced regardless of gender," the report said. It added that events could be marketed as gender-specific but that any goods on offer must be priced the same for men and women.


Bars and clubs have argued that Ladies’ Nights are meant to compensate women for the fact that they generally earn less than men, but the Ombud said this was not relevant.


Equal rights lawyer Ines Grabner-Drews said that "it is unlikely that companies in the entertainment and leisure sector are really concerned about equal pay” and that the real motivation behind Ladies’ Nights is to attract more women to nightclubs, which helps draw in more men.


Cineplexx cinemas in Austria regularly hold Ladies’ Nights - offering a special €8.30 ticket for a romantic movie which includes a small bottle of Martini Asti and sweets, but the small print makes it clear that men can also benefit from the offer.


Vienna’s popular U4 nightclub had a ‘Girls Special’ night until recently, when women got into the club for free, but U4 spokeswoman Lisa Schwarzinger said this was likely to be discontinued. “Of course we can’t be seen to be favouring women with free entry,” she said.


Some restaurants have also had Ladies’ Nights promotions, where female diners are offered a free drink and dessert with their meal.


The opportunities for property purchase and investment in Austria are extensive!


You can chose from a Wooden ski chalet, cheap bargains a luxury lakeside apartment or even your own Castle!


This site is to show what possibilities there are for investing in Property in Austria.. We have kept away from the main tourist resorts and covered the areas generally untouched, where you can still get a bargain property at a bargain price.


We want to give to our clients the best possible service. and as new developments and renovation projects become available, that we feel offer good value as well as good facilities, we will add these to our site.


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Getting to Austria is easy and you have many choices.


For regular flights to Vienna and other Austrian cities, we have put a link to Austrian Airlines.


They have their Red Ticket bargains which can work out cheaper than Budget carriers, but you still get the great Austrian Airlines service.