Invest in Austrian Property?

Why should I buy a Property in Austria?  
Voted one of the safest Countries

Austria was voted 7th safest/secure country in the World for people and property also government stability etc..


 Austria is not just a ski destination 

Yes, we know it is famous for its Alps and cosy Austrian Wooden chalets! But, leaving aside ski-ing for a moment, have you ever stopped to consider what is underneath all that white stuff that people skim over at great speed?


Well when the snow melts, out come the meadow flowers and the mountain slopes are turned into a glorious canvas of yellow and green stretching for as far as the eye can see. The Spring days are warm and the streams gush crystal clear water as the mountain snows rapidly melt.  


Then there is summer in the mountains. No, not cold as you would think; temperatures regularly reach the high 80s so, swimming in the lakes and sunbathing are just as normal as on the Spanish costas! The cable cars are filled with walkers and groups wanting to experience the heady atmosphere of high altitude and the views that are afforded across the alpine mountain ranges.  


Following behind these hot summers come the golden autumns, when the leaves on the trees turn to shades of gold and burnished copper creating picture postcard scenes.


And of course, we have Winter, when the snow starts to fall and the land goes to sleep.....but then there are the wonderful white Christmas's to look forward to.


Property prices do not tend to have highs and then crashes, so investment is safe with a steady increase in value over the years.


This makes Austria an all year round location and perfect for property investment!


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Lower Austria and Burgenland




Property for sale in Austria is still reasonably priced and there are many bargains, particularly in the eastern regions, such as Lower Austria and Burgenland, which is the Wine growing region, and known as Austria'a Tuscany!! Then for the ski fan there is the Alpine region of Hockar between Salzburg and Vienna.  The prices here are approx 50% of a similar property in the well know resorts of Zell am see etc..
Austria certainly makes for a good investment, particularly with it's 4 seasons you can make good returns on your money by renting your property year round for holidays.
Austria boasts some of the best ski areas in Europe and as such these areas are popular with foreign buyers, especially as holiday homes.It is certainly not an expensive investment, as a re-sale studio apartment can start from as little as £30,000 or less depending on area! The trick is to keep away from the well know ski areas promoted by the Tour Operators and look at the villages and slopes popular with the locals.
It is a clean, safe country in which to live or have an investment home. There is little crime in the countryside areas. The hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions are invariably spotless. The lakes and rivers are maintained at "drinking water" quality and there is no litter anywhere.
Strict recycling laws are in place to keep the environment safe. Public transport is excellent; the buses are regular and clean, non smoking and air conditioned. Transport is properly 'connected' - the buses run in conjunction with the railway stations and airports etc. Austria is rich in music and culture. Mozart & Strauss were both born here, but you will find that Austrians manage to happily mix modern pop and rock music alongside these famous composers.  
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Schloss near the River Danube with views to World Heritage Melk Abbey

1,850,000 Euros


Austrian lakes reach ‘bathtub’ temperatures!!

Anyone planning to take a refreshing dip in one of Austria’s lakes after the scorching heat of the past few days is going to be disappointed – with the water in most lakes now as warm as a bathtub.

The hot, tropical nights of the past week have meant water temperatures have continued to rise. The warmest water is currently in Carinthia’s lakes, where Klopeiner See and Turnersee are around 29C. Experts say smaller lakes in Carinthia could soon hit 30C if the heat continues.

In Vienna, a plunge in the Alte Donau river won’t leave you gasping for breath or complaining of goose bumps, with the water temperature now 28C. The Neusiedler See in Burgenland is also on the warm side, with 27C.

The Lunzersee lake in Upper Austria promises to be more refreshing with 25C. And for those desperately seeking a place to cool down Hallstätter See in Upper Austria could be the right place, with just 23C.

Salzburg’s lakes are similarly warm – with temperatures between 23 and 26C. The only exception is the Flachauwinkel bathing lake, which is a chilly 18C. But experts have warned people not to jump into cold water without cooling down from the heat first, as the shock to the circulatory system could have adverse health effects.

In Styria, the coolest lake is the Erlaufsee with 23C. Other lakes in the province are between 24 and 28C. Even Bodensee (Lake Constance) in Vorarlberg is currently 25C. Tyrol’s lakes are generally a little cooler, between 21 and 26C, with the exception of Schwarzsee which is now 27C.

The fish aren’t suffering from the warmer water temperatures as they swim deeper, to the cooler regions of the lake. So far, an increased growth of algae in the water is not noticeable.

Conditions on Friday and Saturday will continue to be hot and humid, with temperatures reaching 33C and up to 35C in the east, with some rain and thunderstorms forecast. Sunday should see cooler temperatures, of around 26C.

Danube wine region in worldwide Top 10

The Danube wine region in Lower Austria has won an international award.


An American wine magazine wrote an article about the ten best wine travel destinations. The Austrian wine region won second place.


It could even overtake renowned wine growing areas such as Italy, Portugal or South Africa.


The wine area Rioja in Spain came first in the ranking, North and South Forks of Long Island in New York third. The "Wine Enthusiast Magazine" was founded in 1988 and is currently the biggest magazine (one edition is 100,000 copies) that is dedicated to the subject of wine and spirits.


The reward emphazises how attractive the Lower Austrian wine regions at the Danube really are, said Tourism State Secretary Petra Bohuslav (ÖVP).


The opportunities for property purchase in Austria are extensive.

You can chose from a Wooden ski chalet, cheap bargains a luxury lakeside apartment or even your own Castle!


This site is to show what possibilities there are for investing in Property in Austria.. We have kept away from the main tourist resorts and covered the areas generally untouched, where you can still get a bargain property at a bargain price.


We want to give to our clients the best possible service. and as new developments and renovation projects become available, that we feel offer good value as well as good facilities, we will add these to our site.


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If you are considering buying a property or living in Austria then we can recommend these books on the Country, the people and of course Austrian Culture.