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About us and the services we offer.


'Invest in Austrian Property' is a Property marketing consultancy, working with Austrian Property agents, Surveyors and lawyers. We specialise in Austria as a country in which to make a property purchase or investment.

We have over 15 years expertise in the marketing of property, plus advising clients about purchasing and selling of property in Austria.


You can also visit our main site for general property news information.



Our UK office is on the South Devon coast. Our Austrian partners office is based at Lunz in Lower Austria.

Our Consultant Managers and Austrian colleagues speak both German and English so you can be assured that your wishes are fully understood whichever is your mother language. We can provide translations, so that you are fully aware of all that is involved in a property purchase.

As Professional Consultants, we can offer guidance and advice with the buying process from the start of your property search, through the process of mortgage application, a survey for your property should you require one, the legal aspect of buying your property and helping all the way, until you pick up the keys for your dream Holiday or Investment property in Austria.

We specialise in Austria for property investment and do not promote or sell property in any other European country.


We do not promote or sell property in Spain, nor Portugal nor Florida or anywhere else for that matter. Our knowledge is specifc to Austria and we believe this is the best way to ensure we give our clients 100% of our time and professional experience.